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Conceived by beverage industry disruptors Argex Beverages, we chose the name 3 Tres to reflect the harmony of the 3 styles of tequila – Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.
3 Tres is committed to honoring the deep history of craft tequila and the generations of families who have guarded the old-world techniques of caring for the land, sustainable harvest practices and mindful distillation. We sought a partner who shares our values, one who understands and appreciates our vision for innovation, reflecting the next generation of tequila drinkers. We found our partner in the Casa Don Roberto.

Founded in 1924 and located in Tequila, Jalisco, Casa Don Roberto believes in the value of authenticity. As one of the largest producers of tequila in Mexico and owners of one of the largest tequila distilleries, they are run today by three members of the founding family.
Convinced that tequila must be made by understanding the spirit and voice of the land, their tequila epitomizes patience and devotion. Not only because of the years the plants wait to be harvested, but because of the dedication with which they must be cared for as they grow.


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